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Viruscontrol.ie utilise the Victory Professional Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer from the Victory Innovations company based in Cleveland, Minnesota, U.S.

Key features of utilising the Victory Sprayer

Touchless Application

There is no need to touch or wipe the surfaces once Electrostatically Sprayed. This provides a fast and effective application method, whilst using 65% less solution per sqft.

Liquid Adhesion & Coverage

Using the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer will enable a quick and effective Eco friendly solution to be applied. As fully-charged droplets hit the surface they create an even spread. Particles hold their cationic charge for approx. 2-3 seconds – preventing drips. This allows the solution to cover hidden, shadowed and hard to reach areas, and also enables you to cover a large area in a small amount of time.


The Eco Statics – Control Concentrate solution is safe to use around the home, near food, pets and literally everywhere.

No Cross-contamination

In most cases, a spray-and-wipe technique can sometimes move bacteria from one surface to another. Cross contamination can be considerably reduced due to the touchless effect of the Victory Sprayer.

Electrostatic Wrapping

When you spray a solution charged with Electrostatics, the solution will literally wrap itself around all surfaces. By disinfecting Electrostatically, you can reach the inside of fans and vents, the underside of desks, handrails and the entirety of any furniture you have in your home, school, business or office.


Studies show that using Electrostatic Spraying & the Eco Statics – Control Concentrate process can kill Coronaviruses, Pathogens and Bacteria ranging from the cold and flu virus, to MRSA, C Diff and norovirus.

Why use Viruscontrol.ie Electrostatic Disinfection Service?
  • We are a local, well established business with nearly 6 years experience in the cleaning industry. We are fully registered & insured.
  • It works in ALL areas, particularly in homes, schools, offices, businesses, gyms, etc. as all the furniture, stairwells, equipment (computers, telephones, all electrical equipment) and the environment can be sprayed.
  • We use Eco Statics – Control Concentrate solution, The Eco-friendly solution that is safe to use around the home, near food, around pets and literally any surface.
  • It is the industry standard way to control the spread of coronaviruses, other viruses such as influenza, MRSA, Covid 19, C Diff and many more.
  • It actively seeks out all surfaces to wrap itself around, so EVERYTHING is disinfected. Eco Statics – Control Concentrate creates a hostile, tensive surface environment for all pathogens so that bacteria cannot stick to the surface and dies.

  • Electrostatic Spraying is also perfect for disinfecting & decontaminating vehicles such as cars, buses, vans, fire engines, ambulances, etc.
  • It is a scientifically proven method of preventing, disinfecting & decontaminating providing approx. (4 week) 28 Day Protective Coating.

  • Applies eco friendly Eco Statics Control Concentrate solution in a more efficient, controlled manner. As the particles of the solution hold their cationic charge for approx 2-3 seconds, there are no drips.
  • Minimal down time for the customer as after the Electrostatic Spraying process is complete. You can reuse the area within 10 MINUTES.
  • Victory Sprayers and Disinfection Solutions have been designed to work exclusively together to deliver outstanding kill results on over 100 pathogens.

“On average, the treatment provides a 4-week protective coating….”

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